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The HIV/AIDS epidemic poses significant challenges to Kenya as a low-income country. Women and girls are more susceptible than men and boys to HIV infection due to biological factors and gender norms that may also have an impact on HIV transmission. As the world grapples with HIV, it is the women that provide care across the world. The epidemic surveillance data has primarily been generated by working with women.

Empowering women and children living with HIV/AIDS

We have perfected our existence as WOFAK, not only by caring for the infected women,girls and communities, but have gone a step further to ensure that the capacities of our members are enhanced. We have launched leadership development at the community level. The rationale behind this strategy is that effective and meaningful leadership should be inclusive of all the minority and special interest groups. Our desire is to ensure that women living with HIV contest leadership positions without fear of discrimination,as opposed to just providing care and support. At the same time we are enhancing income generating activities for members to ensure their sustainability.
In preparing for the 2013 general elections,WOFAK will train community resource persons, both men and women whose mandate shall include mobilizing support for HIV positive women and other women spearheaded leadership in the run up to the election. We believe it is time to strengthen ties and have deeper and more progressive understanding,networking and collaboration with other relevant bodies within and outside Kenya. Networking has huge opportunity to shape the fight against HIV and contribute powerfully to civil society voices for sustainable financing of our cause.
WOFAK shall continue serving the community and ensure that leadership is enhanced amongst women. We appreciate the assistance we have and continue to receive from our development partners, donors, collaborators and well wishers be it financially, technically, emotionally and/or materially. Without you, we would not have reached this far. We are also grateful to our members for their unwavering support and commitment to our cause.